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In 2013, ESTA took the initiative to investigate whether and how a European craft proficiency certificate for crane operators can be established for the industry. 

Currently each Member State has its own rules in the field of professional competence and certification of crane operators. These rules differ from country to country and range from compulsory to optional and even to no rules at all.  These differences can lead to confusion which has a negative impact on safety and also prevent the mobility of drivers in Europe.  

For this reason ESTA has committed itself to developing a system for optimum distribution of safe and qualified crane operators within Europe in the near future

It is ESTA’s intention to enable every crane operator in Europe to demonstrate that he or she meets the minimum requirements of the industry. Similar initiatives have been established in the United States (NCCCO) and Australia (CICA). The work of both NCCCO and CICA can serve as an example for Europe.

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