Stichting ECOL - European Crane Operators License

ECOL Working group members

ESTA took the initiative to investigate how a European craft proficiency certificate for crane operators can be established for the industry.

Members of the ECOL Working Group are:

Mammoet Europe B.V. Netherlands

Mr. Philip Grootenboer

Vereninging Vertikaal Transport, Netherlands

Mr. Lion Verhagen

Vereniging van Belgische KraanverhuurdersBelgium

Mr. Giovanni Pauwels

ESTA, Netherlands

Mr. Ton Klijn

INFRA ry, Finland

Mrs. Pia Metsola

Liebherr|VDMA, Germany

Mr. Christoph Behmueller

VDMA, Germany

Mr. Paul Zepf

Construction Plant-hire Association, UK

Peter Brown

Vakvereniging Het Zwarte Corps, Netherlands

Mr. René van der Steen


Norwegian Crane Association

Mr. Knut Nordås


The Danish Crane Association [Dansk Kran Forening], Denmark

Mr. Kim Hvolbøl

ASTAG, Switzerland

Mr. Jörg Senn

BSK, Germany

Mr. Markus Horbach

A.N.N.A., Italy

Mr. Paolo Cremonini

Montalgrua, Portugal

Mrs. Marlene Collaço

Affiliated member:

UFL, France

Mr. Alexandre-Jacques VERNAZZA

National Occupational Council of Canada


BC Crane Safety and Canadian Hoisting and Rigging Safety Council

Mr. Fraser Cocks

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