Training institutes

The participation in ECOL is open to all training institutes (or trainers) that can demonstrate they meet the requirements of the ECOL standard.

If you wish to participate as a training institute the following steps should be taken:

1) You should apply to ECOL for participation by filling out the Application form;

2) The content and structure of your training programme should be validated against the ECOL Generic Training Design and the ECOL Table of Learning Outcomes. This validation is performed by Aboma in Ede, the Netherlands (

3) The training facility, the equipment used and the trainers who teach the students will have to comply with the ECOL Requirement guidelines for training institutes.

4) When you are convinced your facility meets all requirements, you can start the certification process by filling out the Certification self-assessment form. 
After completion your institute will be audited against the ECOL standard by Lloyd’s Register 
( if passed will receive a certificate that, with a service audit after 18 months, will be valid for three years.