Experienced Operators

If you are an experienced operator, there is a possibility to follow the ECOL programme with a reduced duration.  The training time required according to different levels of experience is below:

  • Crane operators with less than four years (48 months) of operating experience have to do the full training and examination.
  • Crane operators with four to eight years (49 to 96 months) of operating experience have to do three-weeks of training, consisting of 40 hours practice and 80 hours theory, and take the examination.
  • Crane operators with eight or more years ( > 96 months) of operating experience have to do one-week of training, consisting of 16 hours of practice and 16 hours of theory, after which they will take the examination.

Operators wishing to apply for a reduced training duration should contact an ECOL training institute to have their Reduced Training Time application prepared and sent to the ECOL foundation.
An application for a reduced course duration on account of previous experience requires the operator to demonstrate that:
– they have a national licence;

– they can show the record of their experience (employment as operator) signed off by previous employer (s)

The ECOL foundation will charge a fee for assessing the application. (see Licence cost section)